Private Lessons

Although we do have some clients that are able to achieve their desired results with just private lessons, if you have advanced goals beyond basic training, we strongly encourage that you purchase lessons with at least 2 weeks of Board & Train. 90% of clients need a more intensive approach to succeed with their dog.

Our availability for our other programs fills up very quickly, so if you begin with just private lessons, you may have an extremely long wait time before your intensive program, and with that much of a gap in training, your dog will likely regress and you may need to purchase additional training.

During each lesson we will go over the work you will need to complete with your dog at home in between lessons in order to move forward to the next. You will be given detailed instructions and a daily structured plan for your dog each week. This program is for those who have the time to work with their dog at least 30-60 minutes daily, and who have the ability and discipline necessary to adhere to the strict exercise, crate training, and place training guidelines you will be given.