Raise & Train

Our Raise-and-train program covers every aspect and level of training. From puppy work to standard obedience, to service and therapy work, and advanced dog sports. We have developed a unique approach and system; one that not only transforms your dog’s Obedience and individual drives, but which also transfers seamlessly to the owners.

We specialize in low-level, communication style e-collar conditioning. Our state-of-the-art training approach enables owners to have a fully off-leash reliable dog indoors and outdoors, as well as relaxed, stress-free walks. No more bribing, begging, or losing your cool; just dependable training, a great relationship, and a dog you can enjoy anywhere. We pride ourselves on boutique-style, specialized, one-on-one training. By keeping the volume of dogs we work with limited, it enables us to devote more quality time and attention to each dog. This allows us to develop a unique game plan for each dog, and their particular needs, which of course equals the very best results possible. Your dog will learn loose leash walking, leash manners, house manners, crate manners, potty on command, socialization, recall, car manners, dog friendly establishment manners, group class manners, group play manners, individual play manners, treadmill exercise, confidence building, emotional regulation, meditation, off-leash heeling, duration place work, impulse control, emotional and mental maturity, some fancy footwork if time allows, and more.

In addition to all the perks of the traditional Board & Train, the Raise & Train allows us enough time to evaluate your dog based on their individual drives and temperaments, to find the best dog sport or work suited for their needs and your lifestyle. We will test your dog out in a variety of dog sports and/or working jobs to include: Service Work, Therapy Work, Dock Diving, Agility, Protection, Tracking, Nose Work, Flyball, Disc, Canine Freestyle, Herding, Lure Coursing, Marathon Running, Rally, Barn Hunt, FastCat, and more!

We offer a limited number of Raise & Train programs per year due to their intensive nature. Our Raise & Trains are either 2 months or 3 months long. 

Many well-tempered dogs reach their training goals with this program. Clients who have more difficult dogs, or dogs who present additional behavioral challenges upon arrival, may require another 3-6 lessons and/or additional weeks of Raise & Train. We rarely come across cases that cannot achieve our total transformation within that time frame/program.

Please keep in mind that we do offer no-interest payment plans through Affirm if you are unable to pay the cost of your training program in full upon booking.